About Backload Moving Company, New Zealand

Backload Moving Company is the Original and Award-Winning Service
for efficient, economical, household moving within New Zealand


Our mission is to make the moving industry more cost effective for both customers and moving companies.

The company was setup in 2000 to take advantage of the backload moving concept. The concept is simple, in that it's recognised that a number of furniture removal specialists take trucks from one part of the country to another before or after a contract, without a load, or are sometimes not filled to capacity on a route. Both carriers and consumers can benefit from being placed in touch with each other, where a carrier can offer a competitive price for carrying another load over what would otherwise have been an unprofitable empty journey.

Consumers contemplating a household move can request easily - and for FREE - that Backload Moving Company list on-line, some non-identifying particulars of their move - towns, dates and quantities involved. 

Registered carriers view the constantly updated database on-line and may choose which moves they wish to quote on. At this point carriers use their password access to obtain the customer contact details, upon which they make direct contact with the consumer and negotiations are conducted directly, with the consumer choosing which carrier to directly contract with. Any agreements are between the carrier and consumer as Backload Moving is only a lead generation operation for carriers.

The entire listing and introduction service is completely free to the consumer, with successful carriers paying a small commission to Backload Moving Company. Find out the benefits that you can receive if you list your move with us. List your move here.

If you are a carrier find out the benefits of using Backload Moving.

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