Benefits To Customers


Just some of the benefits of using Backload Moving Company to source quotes for your move:

  • SAVE MONEY by being put in touch with removal contractors who need to fill space and who are already committed to travelling whether their truck is empty or full
  • SAVE TIME by getting multiple quotes from one simple enquiry (average of three quotes per customer)
  • Exposure to over 100 different specialist furniture moving contractors who use our service regularly to find their backloads
  • Quickly find carriers who are genuinely needing and interested in your move
  • Choose the quote that best matches your requirements – dates, volume, route and budget
  • Deal only with pre-approved carriers who have been checked for track record, experience and reputation
  • High success rate because we only get paid if you are happy with the quote, and once your move is completed and you have settled with the carrier – hence it is in our interest to meet your expectations
  • Environmentally kind by using space in existing runs or filling empty return runs
  • Only licensed specialist furniture removal contractors with dedicated furniture removal trucks suitably equipped to handle your precious possessions
  • Service monitored for progress and results
  • Discreet, professional service
  • Compliant with: Carriage of Goods Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, Fair Trading Act and Privacy Act
  • Original (since 2000) and award-winning concept
  • Proven track record of success – over ten years of successful ‘matchmaking’
  • No ongoing newsletters, no passwords to remember
  • Internet technology capability coupled with old fashioned service
  • Free to list and absolutely no obligation – try it now!


For an example of what your listing will look like to the public, and to see what other households are doing, view the current listings.

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