Tips For Listing Your Move



  • DO - Give the nearest major town name if you live rurally. Our geography is pretty good but it makes it easier for the carriers who often use a search function when looking for loads, and they may not be familiar with e.g. 'Ararata', but they're sure to have heard of 'Hawera'.
  • DO - Consider doing your own packing. Carriers looking for backloads may not be able to bring sufficient packing materials with them or have the time in a tight turnaround to do a full pack. However if you would particularly like packing to be done, we may be able to help.
  • DO - Try, if possible, to give a specific  date range within a short period (say seven days).  This shows you are serious about moving.
  • DO - List your move around 2-4 weeks before your intended move date, to capture the attention of a carrier who has a confirmed booking in one direction and is then looking to fill a return load, or complete a load. Carriers don't generally have confirmed bookings much further ahead than this and so therefore won't be looking for backloads until then.
  • DO - Give the approximate cubic metreage of your load (if known) in "special instructions". You can find this out by using our on-line estimator.
  • DO - Expect to have to wait until 2-3 weeks before your intended moving date to confirm your booking, as genuine backload quotes may not come in until this time.
  • DO - Inform us immediately when you have made a booking, even if it is outside of this service, to ensure we remove your listing details and prevent frustrated carriers continuing to attempt to contact you.
  • DO - Let us know if any of your circumstances change, especially dates, size of load, or destination details. Updating your listing may bring in fresh interest.
  • DO - Give us full details of the company you have booked, the quoted price and agreed moving date. We love what we do but we preferred to get paid for it!This information is what we need to claim our payment from the moving company concerned. Of course if you have booked outside of the service, we don't need the details, but we still need to know so we can delete your listing.


  • DON'T list too far in advance, i.e. more than six weeks, as this will mean you won't get a response for some weeks, and by then your listing will have moved well down the page as viewed by carriers, and may be missed.